1. A monument off Highway 180, welcoming people to the City of Sanger.
  2. Trees lining Academy Avenue and the downtown area, with Christmas lights lit all year round.
  3. Maintaing the image that we are the Nation’s Christmas Tree City.
  4. Keep bringing jobs to the City of Sanger.
  5. Continue to develop the City of Sanger into a business, so that we can encourage everyone to sleep here, eat here, work here, and shop here.
  6. Develop a long lasting relationship with the Kings Canyon National Park, so that Sanger becomes the hub where shuttle busses pick up tourists out of Sanger from a hotel, and move them back and forth from the park, allowing for income from tourism to flow back into Sanger.
  7. Continue putting Sanger on the map!
  8. Assure that all corridors get the development they need, to ensure nobody is left behind.
  9. Invite industry to come here.  We remind them that, here in Sanger, we have a labor force ready for any job, any time.
  10. More parks and better parks.  Making sure we stay on the map as the city where families are always welcome. 
  11. Offering more commercial entertainment for every family to enjoy here in Sanger.
  12. Hosting a Farmers Market and Christmas Fest that are second to none.
  13. Continue to work towards a city that is drug-free and gang-free.
  14. Continue working on a city that has a strong relationship with its award-winning school district.
  15. Restore Hope in Sanger.  Return Honesty to the City of Sanger.  Help all to Believe in Sanger.